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Resolving “STOP ERROR 0x0000007f” Windows 2003/2008 Guest on KVM

by daimon on Mai 7th, 2010

When running Windows 2K3/2K8 guests on top of KVM Hypervisor, I experienced occassional bluescreen glitches. The guest operating system needed rebooting. This issue happens across different physical host environments, all of them enterprise-grade (i.e. RAM with ECC correction). It also happens across KVM Versions ranging from 72 (debian lenny default) to qemu-kvm 0.11.1 (ubuntu karmic default).

stop0x0000007f kvm windows bsod

stop0x0000007f kvm windows bsod

This also seems to happen independently from optimization settings like virtio drives or network devices.


Update the guest OS to the current Service PackĀ  (at least W2K3 SP2 / W2K8 SP2). After the update, the error may happen again, especially during shutdown. But after rebooting, the system should remain stable.

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